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How it all started

How it all started
Our story began in 2016 back when people went to colleges or schools in Egypt carrying their laptops in their hands or in their bags alongside the books and their other stuff. That's when Yara and Mazen, the co-founders came up with the idea to launch their own business while they were still in University to start a brand for cool vibrant designed laptop sleeves as there was a gap in the market for laptop sleeves and a lot of people including us struggled with carrying their laptops around in their hands getting them scratched and broken.
After several months of digging around, testing all types of fabrics and all types of printing. Finally, we were able to combine the best quality, shape and design all in one perfect laptop sleeve and launch our brand in July 2018 and named it Yawza.
Our name was chosen based on the brand's personality which is fun, youthful, colorful, creative and playful but the word Yawza itself is a slang English word used to express surprise or amazement, it was also chosen based on it's uniqueness.
People used to get confused about the name and thought that it was derived from the co-founders names which are Yara and Mazen but unfortunately that's not true. Fast Forward, 3 years later Yawza has grown more and developed 17 different product lines including, notebooks , backpacks, stickers, swim wear and much more.